FusionTech Founder and Consultant

After completing a degree in Aerospace Avionics Engineering, I moved to London to further my career. In London I successfully got into the highly competitive British Airways Engineering Graduate Program, however after 12 months I decided to find a role which focused on Project Management, Continuous Improvement, and Business Technology Strategy which lead me to become Innovations and Technology Manager for BA engineering.

After successfully identifying and integrating multiple multi-million pound projects, I was moved to Learning Innovations and Technology Manager for all of BA. My role was to continue identifying and integrating technology related projects while also managing innovations and systems teams.

I quickly realised that I had a skill for problem solving and identifying technology to improve processes. Always wanting to have my own company I decided to move back to Australia and start a technology consultancy – FusionTech.

Since working as a consultant I have helped clients in the travel sector improve their UX and technical capabilities, organisations in cosmetics create a bigger online presence and boost sales, and clients in the health sector automate processes. I’m constantly looking for the next big challenge to push the boundaries of what technology can do and the benefits organisations can gain.

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